Monday, 1 March 2010 awards 2010

I'm pretty sure there will be an award ceremony this year at Breakpoint 2010. In case there isn't, here are my *personal* winners:

  • Breakthrough performance: easy. Adinpsz. Check out their crazy demo from Main 2009.
  • Most original concept: nothing stands out, but my vote goes to Jesus Christ Motocross by nature & traktor and *not* the Golden path (as you would expect) for obvious reasons.
  • Best Graphics: Frameranger by Fairlight.
  • Best Soundtrack: Rupture by ASD.
  • Best Direction: Can Elevated get it? if not then Frameranger.
  • Best Effects: Frameranger by Fairlight.
  • Best Animation: nothing memorable this year. I'd not give the award to anyone.
  • Best 4k intro: Elevated by rgba & tbc, obviously.
  • best 64k intro: Transform by ate bit. Not a great 64k year though.
  • Best demo on oldskool platform: Jesus Christ Motocross.
  • Best demo: Rupture by ASD - or Frameranger. But then again I'm biased :-)


  1. I could live with those.. :)

  2. Yes, there will be an award ceremony.

    Your list is also full of what people would call nordic conspiracy bias, since the same demos win over and over again. The crowd would piss on you for that.

  3. yeah, well, the "pissing crowd" should get off their arse and make more demos. Then maybe next year we'll have more competition.

  4. It's always entertaining to see when somebody uses the words "original" and "Golden Path" in the same sentence. ;)

  5. for the best soundtrack, I would rather go for chameleon.

  6. > the same demos win over and over again


    I'm pretty sure they drag'n drop old demos and click some buttons in their nordic conspiracy demo generator :)