Thursday, 4 March 2010


Magical "5 minutes" reached. The beginning of the end is near!

I like it when a big project reaches that state. I can now concentrate and try to wrap it up properly. No need to panic, plenty of time till August. All the hard work, with regards to texturing, animation and modelling, has now been done.


  1. At this stage, is the running time more or less locked down, or does it happen that you add major parts after this?

    When in the process is the soundtrack made? Seeing as in many of your demos (like lifeforce) the soundtrack and visuals are tightly knit together. Do you build the demo around the soundtrack, the otherway around, or just kinda adjust both till things fit?

    I'm not to familiar with the process of actually making demos so it's interesting to follow projectdiaries like this. I've been a passive member of the demoscene since the late 80's. As a graphican my work in the early/mid nineties was mostly doing a logo, fontset, some textures and doing some final adjustment on colorpalettes on the coderstuff.

    I'm looking forward to further updates, and ofcourse seeing the demo hopefully in the near future. Hope you have a great time making it.

  2. The running time is locked down.

    As far as I know we only have a very vague idea about the music at the moment. It looks like I'm going to finish with the visuals before we have most of the music. It is going to be hard to mix the two, but we've been there before.

  3. I've always thought that with a good tune, you can pretty much see in your head how the visuals will fit and how the demo should be made. But I guess the musician will feel the same seeing some effects and graphics.

    Doing them together like this.. I can see it being a disaster without a good plan, but with a good plan maybe it can work out better as the inspiration will be flowing both ways.

    Which other demos have you done like this navis? Just wondering if there's some connection between working like this and producing great results :)

  4. I don't think we ever done a demo starting with the music. Things can go very bad this way but we trust ourselves.