Friday, 19 March 2010

Nominations and news

It is just a week to Breakpoint and the award nominations are out! We got quite a few this time for our demos Rupture and Chameleon. We thank the jury for considering our demos and look forward to the award ceremony itself. Have a look at who is nominated for what here.

So it is a week until Breakpoint opens its door, but I won't be going there. I'll be in Greece with my family, celebrating the orthodox easter which falls on the same weekend as the catholic one. I'll try to watch as much as possible on a stream (I hope there will be one).

Before travelling to Greece my plan is to finish a good "beta" of iconoclash, with all the timings/cameras/effects/animations finished. No music yet, but I'll record the demo on a video to give the musicians an idea of the mood of the later stages. Also before I go I'll post something on my blog that our hardcore fans may appreciate: the original draft of Lifeforce, written about 3 years ago in English. Why was it written in English and how much of the storyboard made it into the demo? you'll discover soon.