Thursday 5 August 2010

Here at last

It is actually not that far from home; only 3 hours on the plane and another one on the bus.

First impressions: Assembly is always impressive. There is so much going on! I now have to relax a bit, and maybe try the showers/sauna.

Leviathan and amusic are still working on our production. Cool. I'll update this blog more often now that I'm in the dragon's den... come and say hello if you wish, I am at O3/3 ( but nobody knows what is the correct ordering of places up here, so... well, just come to the oldskool area, third floor 316 exit).

Oh and by the way: I'm made a clan called "oldskool demozz" (yeah, exactly) to play football tomorrow. Join if you have the proper shoes.... :-)

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