Sunday 8 August 2010

The end

I'm sitting here at Vantaa airport waiting for my flight back home, feeling very tired but also satisfied with my journey: it was probably my favourite visit to Assembly (although I wasn't there this time with any of my Greek friends). Many greetings to everyone I spoke to and the new people I met, especially Zden from Satori; man, I hope to see you again at a party!

I will remember our studio compos with Smash, Okkie and the other folks... it was a pity we didn't arm wrestle in the sauna, that would've been interesting. I bet I would win again hehe....

Now, the demo. Well, it is what it is. Love it, hate it, remember it, forget it... Iconoclash is done.

Nice talking to you through this blog. This is my last post! good night everyone.


  1. Really amazing work with the demo!

  2. Thank you for such a enjoyable peace of code. Greets from germany. Have to told my greece wife, that another fine demo from ASD won a competition.

  3. ASD is a fantastic mind opening team. I love your work and i love this new happiness.

  4. Where to next for ASD? Any thoughts? I've seen a few "this is the end" type comments suggesting the epic demo has nowhere left to go, but I don't see why.. there are many more concepts, effects etc. to be tried.

    Personally I'd like more of the same: an occasional masterpiece and some experiments :)

  5. it's been fun following your blog for this project. I was not able to attend to assembly to watch it live, but i did run the executable showing it on my projector so atleast i got some (fake) party mood there. Looking forward to your next project.

  6. Thanks a lot for your posts in this blog and iconoclash. It's just great!
    But why you decide to close blog? I'm web developer and not related in anyway with scene but I'm watching for it in my spare time. It's very interesting to read your post (ASD site is not updating for a long time and they demos are my favorite).
    Sorry for my russian :)