Sunday 25 July 2010

Live from Euskal 2010

I've been here at the Euskal encounters 2010 for the past 3 days, enjoying good weather, good company and good food. If you have never been there please do so, maybe next year or the year after; the place is mind-blowing huge! there are activities and computers eveywhere, although, sadly, the scene area is a shadow of its former self.

We presented a demo too:

Don't mind the critics, this is a very good demo indeed; (yeah, a thumb up from me too, we did a pretty good job with Amusic and his gal). It looked clean and focused on the big screen (unfortunately on a 4:3 aspect ratio) and gave me the warm feeling you get inside you once you see your production with the public.

I understand this is not for everyone, but I'll be more than pleased to see a rating of approval from certain people.

Clean-cut types who like their demos with phong and textures, suck your thumb... and wait.


  1. Thank you so much for bringing the demoscene to a higher level! And you're right, it is indeed a very good demo, "controlled glitch" is definitely harder than a bunch of things easily floating around the screen. Keep up the fantastic and innovating work!

  2. I'm watching the youtube version without sound at this moment, will comment later in good conditions.
    Reminds me of Theta :)

  3. Well, I liked it a lot. I like the music and the visuals (well, I love glitch in general :) and found they worked great together.

    Seems lots of people don't like the music or the combination of trance + glitch visuals though. How about a remix competition or something?