Thursday, 18 February 2010


So you are making a demo and you are on the lookout for some nice organic, abstract 3D models to grace your scenes. You know how it works: put one of these models in the middle of the scene, one (much larger) surrounding the scene and forming the background. Then put the camera in the middle and rotate, keeping the first object in dead center. Add a bit of hypnoglow, a bit of particle-dust, a bit of typography and you have 20-30 seconds of bliss.

How do you create these object then. Here is an idea: use TopMod. It is a simple 3D modeller that you can use to make 2-manifold meshes, with arbitrary genus. There are some youtube videos showing some models in action.

But take a very very deep breath in before you start using TopMod. It is annoyingly easy to crash. Use it wisely with wings3d (as in do all the fancy genus stuff with TopMod and let Wings do the dirty work of smoothing and refining) and you'll be in demo nirvana.

(for the record I've never used TopMod for modelling for demos. But that is another story...)

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