Monday, 15 February 2010

Hello all!

Hello all,

This blog is all about a forthcoming demo from our group ASD (

I (navis) will be posting sporadic information on our progress over the next few months. For the time being this is all I can say:

  • The demo will not be presented at Breakpoint 2010. It wouldn't be possible anyway, there is tons of work left to do. I also won't be able to get there (or at the Gathering 2010) - Catholic and Orthodox holidays are on the same weekend this year and I'll be spending the time in Greece with my family. Looking forward to good food and warm weather!
  • Next stop would be a big party in Summer. Assembly 2010? Could be. Will depend on other factors. I'm sure we can finish the demo by then though.
  • The name of the demo is NOT "iconoclash"
So it is now middle of February and progress bar shows "33% done". Unlike all previous big demos that we did (planet risk, iconoclast, rupture, lifeforce etc.) this one is written in a strictly linear fashion: the introductory part was made first, followed by the next part and so on until, hopefully, we'll have the "picardy third" in the final cadenza sometime in July.

So far so good then.

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