Monday, 7 June 2010

Demo for Euskal finished!

So let's see what is in there:

  • One day demo, I took a day off work to do some tidying up in my house but ended up doing the demo instead. It is the fastest production since EON.
  • Based on an idea I had about geometry generation through subtractive synthesis: shapes are generated through CSG "boolean intersection/difference". I wanted to do this since watching Medium ages ago.
  • No loaded textures, all (very simple) textures that you see are generated on the fragment shader.
  • Only a couple of meshes loaded and used as "noise" rather than geometry.
  • Hard camera cuts, hard visuals, not a very pretty sight.
  • This demo is not for everyone. It will either come first or last in the compo. I personally rank it very highly amongst our demos so far. I love this demo.
  • Pouet thumb prediction for first 6 months: 110 thumbs up, 25 thumbs down. Oh and 3 cdcs. You know you want to ! :-)
We still need some music for it though... but we'll get there shortly after music for "Iconoclast" finishes.


  1. "Iconoclast" is done, you mean IconoclasH ;)

    Either way, looking forward to seeing it as always, hope it will kick ass. What musical style?

    (listening to Aphdrodite's Child - All Seats Were Occupied right now btw, gosh what a song)

  2. Nice :)
    Can't wait to see it on big screen ;)

  3. Not sure about musical style yet, although I believe it would work ok with a traditional demo-music style.

    666 from aphrodite's child is great album!

  4. screenshot or it won't happen :)