Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bad news

Oops... seems like I've lost part of the demo when I foolishly deleted some files yesterday. Serves me right for storing everything in a directory called "temp".

Oh well, it's frustrating but we'll survive. :-(


  1. GetDataBack!

    If you didn't make too much changes to the FS, after the deletion...




  2. unfortunately non of these would work. I deleted 2 gbs and added 3 straight away.

    Very foolish.

  3. It's now that you realise you can just restore from a backup. You do have backups, right? If not, you might find next time you've lost the whole demo, and perhaps a ton of more important stuff.

    External hdd + daily incremental backups (or even hourly, which is what I get, with very little downside).

  4. Hehe, i prefer a little suversion server, backups+versions all in one! Can we ask for anything better?

  5. On the plus side, you now get to rewrite that part and do all the things you wished you did the first time :)

  6. I can recommend A sourcecontrol system is a very good thing but doesnt protect against cases where your working on features for a longer time and brainstorm ideas that aren't fit for checkin yet.

  7. honestly, use version control. Backup your repository as well (for those unexpected hardware failures) but do not rely on stuff not checked in (it is a PITA to get a consistent older version or back out a feature from a bunch of older backups, but version control systems have features for it).

    And "not fit for checkin" does not exist - if your code does not compile for days, you might try different development styles - and if you do experimental stuff/brainstorming: that's what private branches or shelves are for in source control. Don't forget that you can always revert/remove old features, so do not be shy to commit experimental code to your private branch.

    [curious whether works for blogspot now...]

    fast'n'go everywhere easy to configure svn server.